Educating our members and patients on modern day shoulder and elbow care

ACESS was founded to assist like-minded shoulder and elbow surgeons in maintaining a current education on treating patients with shoulder and elbow conditions. This includes attending our annual ACESS conference, sharing cases and discussing topics via our online discussion group, and through participation/instruction in the various courses developed by our members at annual orthopedic conventions, seminars, and learning centers.

Education is Everything

ACESS hosts an annual meeting in which we present several topics in a very practical, current day format. These topics are lead by members of ACESS in an informal, discussion oriented method designed to provide members with guidance in taking care of patients with complex shoulder and elbow problems, but to also allow input from fellow members. Many of these discussions have led to research projects as can be seen in the research section. Members will often show novel surgical techniques and will discuss advancements in new generation implants or equipment utilized in their orthopedic procedures. Many orthopedic implant companies have representatives available at the meeting to discuss their recent advances. Members have also utilized cadavers at the conference to further improve our surgical techniques. Members also often present their latest research to enlighten members on current studies being performed by them or through their academic setting. Often times, the research design will be discussed allowing other members with expertise in the topic to give suggestions and guidance.

ACESS members participate in an online discussion group designed to allow rapid and diverse clinical recommendations on cases that our members see on a day to day basis. Often times, a complex case will be shown and members will weigh-in on various options, recent research, and members' own opinions on the treating of these patients. These opinions are provided very quickly which is important for physician who have patients they are actively treating. Patients are aware of their case being presented and are often relieved in knowing other national experts will be reviewing their case.

Many of our members are active in organizations such as the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the American Shoulder and Elbow Society, and the Arthroscopic Association of North America. This includes participation in Instructional Course Lectures, Orthopedic Learning Centers and Symposiums through these various organizations. Often times, these courses are led by our members with other ACESS members assisting. This allows us to not only educate our fellow members but other orthopedic surgeons. Many of our members are also active in writing chapters and current concepts for various publications such as the Orthopedic Knowledge Update (OKU), Orthopedic Knowledge Online (OKO), the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, and the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons as well as other technique guides. This allows us to not only stay modern but also to remain active in educating other orthopedic surgeons and patients on advanced shoulder and elbow care.

Members are also working to develop a consensus on various rehabilitation protocols based on our own experience and modern research. We are hoping to provide comprehensive rehabilitation protocols which will help patients receive advanced rehab in their area. We are hoping to share these protocols with fellow orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists again in effort to educate ourselves and others on modern, universal rehabilitation techniques.

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Meetings & Publications

Annual Meeting

9th Annual Meeting of the Association of Clinical Elbow & Shoulder Surgeons
JW Marriot Camelback Resort, Scottsdale, AZ
November 14-16, 2013


As a sample of our published work, please find a chapter from the Orthopedic Knowledge Update by Dr. Steven Klepps below. We expect to expand on this section in the near future to include a wealth of journal articles and papers.

The Classification and Treatment of Acromioclavicular Separations
Orthopedic Knowledge Update, Volume 4, Chapter 39
Dr. Steven Klepps